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Self Introduction

My name is Kazuhiko. I have guided many foreign tourists as a National Licensed Tour Guide after the early retirement. The reason why I aimed to obtain this license was because I am interested in Japanese history, culture, and geography, and I also like intercultural exchanges. Moreover, I often went abroad on business trips while working for an electric company and at that time, I received kind support from local people. I would like to return the favor to them through this job. Therefore, I chose to become a guide.

Now, I take delight in doing this job, and I found out that I can take advantage of my experience and knowledge. I am sure that I can make tourists enjoy Cool Japan!

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Guide's Information

Guide Possible Areas Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima,Tokyo, Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Kanazawa
Specialty Spots-Areas Kyoto City, Nara City, Osaka City
Specialty Field-Genre History and Noted places, Shrines and temples, Foods, Traditional culture
Expert's Name An expert on Guide
Guide's Possible Days Every Day
Usage Clause We will make emails or phones to confirm a reservation.
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Residential Administrative Divisions of Japan Shiga
Affiliated Groups Japan Federation of Certified Guides
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