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How to Book the Tour of Sumo Stable Watching

If you want to watch the Sumo training, you must know the schedule about Sumo Grand Tournament . There are 6 times for 1 year, it is not able to watch the Sumo training during Sumo Grand Tournament. …

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New 2 Private Tours in Tokyo have been released by Yoshihisa

New two tours in Tokyo have been created by our guide Yoshihisa. And tour titles are as follows: 1.Visiting Temple of Maneki-neko at Gohtokuji and Great Sushi Dinner 2.One Day Walking Tour of 3 Major…

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New Private Tour in YANAKA on Nippon PLUS

New Private Tour in YANAKA has been created by Hiroki. The tour is Private Half-Day YANAKA Walking Tour Including the Historic Temples Tokyo is with cherry blossoms starting to bloom, so we recommend…

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Private Half-Day Tour related to Japanese Animation

If you are interested in Japanese animation, you should join this private tour. This tour will visit 3 places related to Japanese animation. Itinerary of this tour is as follows: 1.Walking tour of Su…

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New Private Half-Day Tour in Asakusa

New private half-day tour has been released on Nippon PLUS. This tour visit only around Asakusa, therefore, you can learn Asakusa more deeply . ★Course Viewing deck at Asakusa culture and tourist inf…

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New Private Tour in Yanaka and Ueno by Mini-Bus

New private half-day tour in Yanaka and Ueno has created by Yoshihisa. Course of this tour is as follows:1.Yanaka:Tenno-ji temple, Yanaka cemetry, Hatsune-koji (a minimal bar street), Yanaka-ginza, N…

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New Private Tour from Narita Airport to your Hotel in Tokyo

Our new guide “Yoshihisa” has created new private tour. A summary of this tour is as follows: A tour guide will take you from Narita airport to your hotel in Tokyo or from your hotel in T…

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We have updated images of blog TOP

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We have updated TOP page. By changing images, we would like to communicate many attractive spots. 1)Kinkakuji temple(World Heritage): It is famous as the Golden Pavilion. Besides the pavilion, you ca…

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Private Tour in Tokyo For first-timers to Japan

If you visit to Japan for the first time, we recommend this private tour. Private 1 Day Tour in Tokyo Experiencing Japanese Traditional Culture This private tour will visit 4 popular spots in Tokyo. …

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Private Mount Takao Tour Has been done

Private mount Takao tour has been done last Friday. From Shinjuku station Keio railway leads to Mt.Takao which is 599m high mountain, this area is one of the most popular spot for people live in Toky…

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