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We have updated images of blog TOP

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We have updated TOP page. By changing images, we would like to communicate many attractive spots. 1)Kinkakuji temple(World Heritage): It is famous as the Golden Pavilion. Besides the pavilion, you ca…

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Caution when you visit Nijo castle on New year holidays

If you visit Nijo castle on New year holidays(January 1-3), you can not enter Ninomaru-Goten Palace of Nijo castle as it will be closed on this day. (The NIjo castle gardens will be open.) Therefore,…

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A Good Time to See Autumn Leaves in Kyoto

Now is the best time to view autumn leaves in Kyoto. There are many places to view beautiful autumn leaves in Kyoto, many people hesitate where to visit. In such a case, we recommend to leave a tour …

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2 Days Guide Service Kyoto Highlights

We have created new private tour. Tour title is “2 Days Guide Service Kyoto Highlights“. This tour is recommended for guests who is looking for Kyoto tour in 2 days. However, you can chan…

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We have released new service “Consecutive days tour”

We have released new service “Consecutive days tour” on November 3rd. We provide “One Day(or Half-day) Tour” until now, however, we can provide the tour more than 2 days. And …

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Most Popular Private Kyoto Tour

Do you know most popular private Kyoto tour on Nippon PLUS? It is Explore Kyoto Nijo Castle and Golden pavilion This is a half-day tour(tour duration is around 4 hours), you can visit 2 places. As it…

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Good Review to Our Guide in Kyoto

We have a new review on Nippon PLUS. The review is as follows: Hiro was the best guide and so friendly. Nice visit and flexible. Hiro, ouir guide, knew lot of history. Tour guide is Hiroshi and tour …

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