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New Private Tour in Yanaka and Ueno by Mini-Bus

New private half-day tour in Yanaka and Ueno has created by Yoshihisa. Course of this tour is as follows:1.Yanaka:Tenno-ji temple, Yanaka cemetry, Hatsune-koji (a minimal bar street), Yanaka-ginza, N…

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New Private Tour from Narita Airport to your Hotel in Tokyo

Our new guide “Yoshihisa” has created new private tour. A summary of this tour is as follows: A tour guide will take you from Narita airport to your hotel in Tokyo or from your hotel in T…

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Private Tour in Mt.Fuji Area

If you would like to view beautiful Mt.Fuji, we recommend to book our guide in Mt.Fuji area. As you know, there are five lakes in Mt.Fuji area(it is called “the Fuji Five Lakes”). Ho…

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Tokyo Private Tour with Subway

Do you know our private tour in Tokyo by subway? Our tours almost use public transportation, this tour visit to each attractions by subway. The tour title is One-Day Trip in Tokyo By Train. Also, in …

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Where is the coolest spot in Japan?

Every day is very hot in Tokyo! Also, as everywhere is naturally hot, we would like to go to more cooler spot. Therefore, we suggest this private tour. Private Walking Tour in Aokigahara-The Sea of T…

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Private Tour Guide in Mount Fuji

We have tour guides who can guide Mount Fuji tour. Mount Fuji tour in our website, it does not climb directly at Mount Fuji. You can see beautifui Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko area. If you book Mount …

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Hire Local Tour Guide

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If you visit to Japan, we recommend to hire local tour guide. Especially, if you are first time traveler to Japan , even more so. Why? Every local tour guide(we call “tour guide”)  has mu…

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Water Bus Ride on Sumida River in Tokyo

Do you know water bus ride on Sumida river? There are some lines and you can see landscape of Tokyo from ship. We recommend a course from Hamarikyu to Asakusa. You can see beautiful Japanese garden i…

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Golden week holidays in Japan will start next week

Next week(exactly from this weekend), golden week holidays will start in Japan. From April 28 to May 6, if you have an absence in weekday(May 1 and 2), it will be 9 days off in a row! Of course, it w…

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How to Use Mt.Fuji Private Tour

We will show you how to use Mt.Fuji private tour. If you stay in Tokyo and you would like to participate in Mt.Fuji tour, we recommend the following way. 1)You go to Kawaguchiko station by yourself a…

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