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New Private Tour in YANAKA on Nippon PLUS

New Private Tour in YANAKA has been created by Hiroki. The tour is Private Half-Day YANAKA Walking Tour Including the Historic Temples Tokyo is with cherry blossoms starting to bloom, so we recommend…

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2 Days Guide Service Tokyo and Kamakura Highlights

If you are looking for private tour over 2 days with a guide, we recommend this tour. The tour is “2 Days Guide Service Tokyo and Kamakura Highlights“. This tour is 2 days package includi…

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Mt.Fuji Viewing at Kawaguchiko Area

If you would like to see beautiful Mt.Fuji, we recommend to visit Kawaguchiko area. It is near from Tokyo, you can go to there by high-way bus around 2 hours and 40 minutes  from Shinjyuku bus termin…

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Private Tour Guide in Mount Fuji

We have tour guides who can guide Mount Fuji tour. Mount Fuji tour in our website, it does not climb directly at Mount Fuji. You can see beautifui Mount Fuji from Kawaguchiko area. If you book Mount …

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Have you visited to Gokuraku-ji Temple in Kamakura?

I went to Gokuraku-ji temple yesterday. Gokuraku-ji temple is in Kamakura, it is near Hase.(There are Hase temple and the great buddha) To go to Gokuraku-ji temple, you can use Enoden From Kamakura s…

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Tour Guide in Nara

Nara is very old and historical city. Also, near Kyoto and Osaka, it will take about one hour to Nara. There are many sights in Nara which you must see. For example, Great Buddha in Todaiji temple Ka…

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Tsukiji Fish Market Tour Guide

We have some guides who can guide Tsukiji fish market and there are many tours at Tsukiji. As you know, there are inner market and outer market in Tsukiji, inner market will be relocated this October…

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Notice in Sumo stable when you observe the Sumo practice

If you observe Sumo practice, you must notice as follows: 1.Cell phones off. 2.Taking pictures OK with no flush, no standing/walking around. 3.No eating/smoking. 4.Taking off your hat/cap. 5.No priva…

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Water Bus Ride on Sumida River in Tokyo

Do you know water bus ride on Sumida river? There are some lines and you can see landscape of Tokyo from ship. We recommend a course from Hamarikyu to Asakusa. You can see beautiful Japanese garden i…

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Our Private Tour Guide in Tokyo

If you look for tour guide in Tokyo, please search in our website. We have some private tour guides who has area of specialty and genres. Also, our tour is created by tour guides, all tours are origi…

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