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Houkokji Temple in Kamakura

I guided an American family from LA to Kamakura. Hokokuji temple in Kamakura has a beautiful bamboo garden. We enjoyed peaceful time there sitting on the bench and chatting.

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New Kamakura Half-Day Tour has been created by Our Guide Toru

Today, our new tour has been released. It is private Kamakura half-day tour, and created by our professional guide Toru. There are 3 must-see spots in this tour, you can enjoy 3 temples at Kamakura. …

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Private Tour in Tokyo For first-timers to Japan

If you visit to Japan for the first time, we recommend this private tour. Private 1 Day Tour in Tokyo Experiencing Japanese Traditional Culture This private tour will visit 4 popular spots in Tokyo. …

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Inside Imperial Palace Tour Has Been Done

Yesterday, Tokyo private tour has been done. The guests were from Thailand couple, they visited Imperial palace. There are tours to visit Imperial palace, it is that it views the Imperial palace from…

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We have 10 Private Tours in Kamakura

If you would like to visit Kamakura, please see the page below Kamakura page There are many private tours in Kamakura, you can search your favorite tour from among tour lists. Especially we recommend…

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Good Review to Our Guide in Kyoto

We have a new review on Nippon PLUS. The review is as follows: Hiro was the best guide and so friendly. Nice visit and flexible. Hiro, ouir guide, knew lot of history. Tour guide is Hiroshi and tour …

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New Tokyo Private Tour has been created by Hiroki

New private tour has been created by our guide Hiroki. Tour title is Private Full-Day Walking Tour of Selected Destinations in Tokyo. Hiroki says that it is the perfect tour of strictly selected tour…

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Standard Course and Visiting Spots of Kamakura Private Tour

We introduce about Kamakura tour. If you visit to Kamakura first time, we recommend standard course. Standard course of Kamakura tour is as follows: Hase-dera temple Kotokiin temple(The great buddha)…

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Water Bus Ride on Sumida River in Tokyo

Do you know water bus ride on Sumida river? There are some lines and you can see landscape of Tokyo from ship. We recommend a course from Hamarikyu to Asakusa. You can see beautiful Japanese garden i…

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Recently Kamakura Private Tour is very popular

Booking in Kamakura Tour is increasing lately. Why? We think that one of reason is  season of new green leaves. And Kamakura is near from Tokyo, it is only 1 hour away from hotel in Tokyo. As you kno…

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