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Iaido and Tea Ceremony Workshop

I guided a family from UK to Asakusa. They joined Iaido and Tea Ceremony workshop, wearing Kimono. Iaido is a kind of traditional martial arts. They look so serious, but actually very excited.

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Ohanami or Sakura viewing

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Ohanami or Sakura viewing is an important event for all the Japanese people. It is a euphoria starting from mid March and ending early May in Hokkaido. Every morning news on TV tells the name of the …

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Private Half-Day Tour related to Japanese Animation

If you are interested in Japanese animation, you should join this private tour. This tour will visit 3 places related to Japanese animation. Itinerary of this tour is as follows: 1.Walking tour of Su…

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New Private Tour in Yanaka and Ueno by Mini-Bus

New private half-day tour in Yanaka and Ueno has created by Yoshihisa. Course of this tour is as follows:1.Yanaka:Tenno-ji temple, Yanaka cemetry, Hatsune-koji (a minimal bar street), Yanaka-ginza, N…

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Private Tour Information has been updated

Tour information has been updated by our guide Yuta. The tour title is “One Day Tokyo Highlight Tour Including a Cultural Workshop“. This tour will visit 3 popular spots Tsukiji(not inner…

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Let’s Get Souvenir Card on Our Private Tour

If you participate in our private tour, you can get our original souvenir card from our private guide. It is written “Manekineko” and guide will write guest’s name in Japanese. Mane…

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Recommend Private Tour in Tokyo

We would like to recommend 3 tours on Nippon PLUS. All tours are Japanese culture experiences and there are also experience-based activity. 1)Iaido Experience Tour to learn Samurai spirit near the Im…

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We have 10 Private Tours in Kamakura

If you would like to visit Kamakura, please see the page below Kamakura page There are many private tours in Kamakura, you can search your favorite tour from among tour lists. Especially we recommend…

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Private Tour in Tokyo Including 2 Japanese Culture Experiences

We have a tour that you can experience Japanese culture in Tokyo. It’s Sushi-making and tea ceremony. The tour title is One Day Tokyo Highlight Tour Including Sushi Making and Tea Ceremony Also…

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Notice in Sumo stable when you observe the Sumo practice

If you observe Sumo practice, you must notice as follows: 1.Cell phones off. 2.Taking pictures OK with no flush, no standing/walking around. 3.No eating/smoking. 4.Taking off your hat/cap. 5.No priva…

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