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Private Tour Guide in Tokyo

Are you looking for tour guide in Tokyo?

If so, please don’t hesitate to find our tour guides in Tokyo.

Our guides have specialty field-genre(History, Shrines and temples, Japanese culture, etc.) and hospitality, they will provide a memorable tour for foreign tourists.

They make their tour, however, it is able to customize their tour and also create an original tour.

If you create an original tour, you tell your request(visiting spot, your wish etc.), tour guide will suggest you original itinerary.

Of course, it does not need to pay cost.

We introduce some guide and their self-introduction.

      I’m Hiroki,national licensed guide interpreter focusing on offering tours on the subject of hidden Japan charms,such as indigenous cultures, life styles, and highly skilled craftsmanship!!

I am Yuta. I have an experience as a tour guide for several years. I used to be a teacher at the school for the deaf and at the school for the blind. After retirement, I have been enjoying communicating with people all over the world. I am interested in history, culture, food ,nature, music, movie and literature.

Hello, My name is Kumiko Kawai. I used to live in New York and London and I worked for US companies for many years.
As a result of these experiences, I realized that Japan has a unique culture and social values, based on its history and geographical location. I’d like to share this with you.
I think most visitors coming to Japan are hoping both to enjoy themselves and also to have a meaningful encounter with a different culture.

I’m Hideaki Murayama. Just call me “Mura” or “Mura-san”. “San” means “Mr.” or “”Ms.”” in Japanese. I have a national tour guide license in English. I have experiences to live in the following cities on business.
– Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Four years
– Nantong (China) One and half years,
– Jakarta (Indonesia) One and half years
– Baton Rouge (Louisiana, USA) Two years.


Also, you can see private tours in Tokyo from below link.

Tokyo Tour



Tour Guide in Nara

Nara is very old and historical city.

Also, near Kyoto and Osaka, it will take about one hour to Nara.

There are many sights in Nara which you must see.

For example,

  • Great Buddha in Todaiji temple
  • Kasugataisya shrine
  • Wild Deer in Nara park

If you visit Kansai area, you should visit not only Kyoto but also Nara.

Please see Nara page of  Nippon PLUS for details.

Finally, our guides in Nara

You can see their profile.




Tsukiji Fish Market Tour Guide

We have some guides who can guide Tsukiji fish market and there are many tours at Tsukiji.

As you know, there are inner market and outer market in Tsukiji, inner market will be relocated this October from Tsukiji to Toyosu.

Therefore, it is until this September that you can visit at Tsukiji inner market.

We recommend the tour below.

Tour title is

Essence of Tokyo Half-Day

Also, itinerary is as follows:

1. Tsukiji fish market (no tuna auction)
2. Hama-rikyu Gardens
3. Sumida River Cruise (approx.60min)
4. Asakusa

Since the fish market,so-called inner market, will change the rule that the time tourists are allowed to get in there from 10:00am to 11:00am,
tour schedule might be revised as follows. if you chose one of those your guide will be very happy.

option 1: pick up time would be later from 8:30 to 9:30. after that,same schedule as described. And finish the tour around 3:00pm.
option 2: same pick up time(8:30). Before the fish market, Hamarikyu gardens will be guided first. Then fish market and water bus ride to Asakusa.
Finish the tour around 2:00pm.
option 3: visit outer market only. then Hama-rikyu gardens,water bus ride to Asakusa.

We look forward to your booking!

New Private Tour from Tokyo has been added

Today, new private tour has been added on Nippon PLUS.

This tour is created by Mura-san, and Tour title is

Mt. Nokogiri Hiking Tour from Tokyo-2nd place of Deep Spot Ranking

What is Mt.Nokogiri ? Where?

There is at Chiba prefecture, it will take around 2 hours and half from Tokyo to Mt.Nokogiri.

Also, Mt. Nokogiri in Chiba prefecture came off the 2nd place of Deep Spot in Japan Ranking by Nikkei Inc..

Highlights of this tour is panoramic view from top of Mt.Nokogiri, you can see the view of Tokyo Bay and Boso Peninsula.

If it is fine, you must visit Mt.Nokogiri.

Tour page is HERE.


Notice in Sumo stable when you observe the Sumo practice

If you observe Sumo practice, you must notice as follows:

1.Cell phones off.
2.Taking pictures OK with no flush, no standing/walking around.
3.No eating/smoking.
4.Taking off your hat/cap.
5.No private talking.

Also, Sumo stable visiting is rare. Because Sumo grand tournament will be held 6 times in year(it will be held in Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya ,Fukuoka), and Sumo wrestlers will go to provincial tour.

Therefore, Sumo stable visiting is very rare.

Sumo stable visiting tour is HERE.

※Even if a guide is available, Sumo stable visiting is not always OK.


Tour Guide Matching

We provide matching service of foreign tourists and tour guide.

In our website “Nippon PLUS” , for foreign tourists who can search a tour in Japan, we send tour guide’s information and tour information.

Our guides have a licence and much knowledge, and, our tours are created by tour guide.

Also, as all tours can customize, you can make the one and only tour in the world!


Do you want to make Soba noodle?

Do you know the private tour that you can make Japanese “Soba”?

This tour, you can enjoy Japanese Soba making at Tokyo Yanaka.

Tour highlights are  below.

1.Tour of Soba buckwheat flour milling process
2.Experience the Soba noodle making
3.Enjoy the traditional Soba noodle meal consists of noodle made by chef and your own made one(come with complimentary two side-dishes and dessert)
4.Capture this rare and wonderful experience thoroughly!! (Commemorative photographing(dressed like a Soba chef outfit),Chef assistant or guide films all the your activity!!)

It is blind to weather as this is not a walking tour.

Also, you can see video on the tour.

Finally, tour detail is HERE.



Onset of the rainy season in Kanto region

default image

Today, it has started the rainy season in Kanto region including Tokyo.

I (webmaster of Nippon PLUS) live in Yokohama city, it is rainning from morning.

Nobody likes the rainy season, however, we can’t help it.

We will have patience until the rainy season end.


To see beautiful hydrangea in the rainy season is fantastic.

Especially, Kamakura is famous for hydrangea.


We recommend to visit to Kamakura in rainy day.

Kamakura tour is HERE

Hire Local Tour Guide

default image

If you visit to Japan, we recommend to hire local tour guide.

Especially, if you are first time traveler to Japan , even more so.


Every local tour guide(we call “tour guide”)  has much knowledge and hospitality (“Omotenashi” in Japanese), they will help you that it makes your memorable trip in Japan.

And all tours are created by themselves, you can enjoy the tour with a guide.

Also, you can feel Japanese atmosphere as almost tours use public transportation.

How to search local tour guide

  1. Access our website “Nippon PLUS
  2. Scroll up to “Find Tours From Guides”
  3. Select area(Tokyo, Kamakura, Kyoto, Nara and so on)
  4. Choose your favorite guide!


Water Bus Ride on Sumida River in Tokyo

Do you know water bus ride on Sumida river?

There are some lines and you can see landscape of Tokyo from ship.

We recommend a course from Hamarikyu to Asakusa.

You can see beautiful Japanese garden in Hakmarikyu , then you can ride water bus from Hamarikyu to Asakusa.

Fare is 740 yen per adult(child is 370 yen) and it will take about 45 minutes from Hamarikyu to Asakusa.

Please join as we have a tour to ride water bus.

Essence of Tokyo Half-Day


Nickname:Nippon PLUS

I am a webmaster of Nippon PLUS. I often write an article about tour and tour guide and episode in Japan.

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