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What places do you feel are the most popular in Tokyo?

What places do you feel are the most popular in Tokyo?

It is very difficult to decide among many places.

Therefore, if you would like to visit popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo, please join this tour.

One Day Trip in Tokyo Including 5 Popular Spots

Itinerary of this tour is as follows:

1. Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa
2. Hamarikyu Garden and river cruise
3. Tsukiji Outer Market
4. Imperial Palace Outer Garden
5. Meiji-jingu shrine

You can enjoy 5 popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo in this tour.


Private Tours in Chiba Area with Our Guide

Japanese popular sightseeing spots in Kanto area is Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, Mt.Fuji ,Nikko and so on.

However, Chiba area has many little known places.

  1. Mt.Nokogiri
  2. Naritasan Shinsyoji temple

Mt.Nokogiri is around 3 hours from hotel in Tokyo by train and from the top of Mt. Nokogiri, you can have a splendid panoramic view of Tokyo Bay and Boso Peninsula.

Also, Naritasan Shinsyoji temple is near Narita airport, if you have minimum 3 hours before your flight at Narita airport, you can visit Naritasan Shinshoji temple and experience Japanese culture. Use your last several hours in Japan effectively!

If you have a interest, please see the tour detail page.

Mt.Nokogiri ⇒ Mt. Nokogiri Hiking Tour from Tokyo-2nd place of Deep Spot Ranking

Naritasan Shinsyoji temple ⇒ Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Tour before Your Flight



Private Tours in Kamakura with Our Guide

Kamakura is known as an old capital of the Kamakura Bakufu (Samurai Government) established by MINAMOTO no YORITOMO over 800 years ago and also has many historical shrines and temples.

It is located just about one hour train ride from Tokyo, so Kamakura is one of most popular foreign tourist spots as a day trip.

Enjoy our private tour in Kamakura with a Nippon PLUS professional guide.

Most popular tour in Kamakura is

Half-Day Tour of Kamakura

And this tour will visit popular 3 places in Kamakura

  1. Hase-dera temple
  2. Kotokuin temple(The Great Buddha)
  3. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu temple

Also, tour guide is Ironman

and he creates 5 tours on our website.

Kamakura is his special place, however, he is also familiar with YANAKA area in Tokyo.

Please see his tour.


Private Tour Information has been updated

Tour information has been updated by our guide Yuta.

The tour title is “One Day Tokyo Highlight Tour Including a Cultural Workshop“.

This tour will visit 3 popular spots Tsukiji(not inner market but outer market) , Ginza and  Asakusa.

In addition, you can also experience an unique cultural workshop.

You can choose a workshop from below.

1. Sushi making at Ginza
2. Tea ceremony at Asakusa
3. Paper lantern making at Asakusa
4. Calligraphy at Asakusa

Let’s Get Souvenir Card on Our Private Tour

If you participate in our private tour, you can get our original souvenir card from our private guide.

It is written “Manekineko” and guide will write guest’s name in Japanese.

Manekineko are cat-shaped ceramic ornaments which people place in the entrance halls of restaurants or shops.

Cats are considered to invite people and good fortune into their homes,therefore Manekineko  have one paw raised to beckon them inside.

It is believed that cats with their right paw raised beckon luck and those with the left paw raised beckon money.

Let’s get souvenir card on Nippon PLUS!

Nippon PLUS website


Do you know famous temple near Narita Airport?

There is famous temple near Narita airport.

It is Naritasan Shinshoji temple and near Narita airport and one of the most famous temples.

So if you have time at Narita airport before your flight, you must visit Naritasan Shinshoji temple.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Tour before Your Flight

This is a private tour to visit Naritasan Shinshoji temple.

You can experience Japanese culture(Kimono and tea ceremony) through this tour.


Recommend Private Tour in Tokyo

We would like to recommend 3 tours on Nippon PLUS.

All tours are Japanese culture experiences and there are also experience-based activity.

1)Iaido Experience Tour to learn Samurai spirit near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

We quote part of tour detail from tour page below

You can experience Test cutting of Shizan(to be detailed later)which is most suitable for learning the Samurai spirit. Moreover,old swords produced in the 15th to 16th centuries, which are said to have excellent sharpness ever, are used!!》
【Video on the tour →


2)Special Private Tour-Soba buckwheat noodle making in Tokyo YANAKA

Soba buckwheat noodle making experience in YANAKA noted for its nostalgic townscape.》
【Video on the tour →


3)Private One Day Tour in Tokyo Including Sumo Training Session

On this tour, you will experience some of the most exciting things that my home town of Tokyo has to offer.

This tour is offered only when the stable’s schedule permits. Please refer below.

※Please note that if the sumo stable will not be open on the date you would like a tour, we can arrange to visit other sightseeing spots instead, such as the Tokyo Tower, the Meiji Shrine or any other place you might prefer.

It is not able to visit Sumo stable during Sumo Grand Tournaments.

Annual Schedule Sumo Grand Tournaments dates and place]
*Tokyo [January 14 to 28]
*Osaka [March 11 to 25]
*Tokyo [May 13 to 27]
*Nagoya [July 8 to 22]
*Tokyo [September 9 to 23]
*Fukuoka [November 11 to 25]

How to Book Tokyo Private Tour Guide

If you schedule a tour in Tokyo, please let us know.

We have many tours and guides in Tokyo.

If you do not decide to travel in Tokyo yet, we will only arrange the tour guide.

How to book Tokyo private tour guide is below.

1)Send a message to us from contact form

Contact form

If you give us your name and comment, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2)Send a message to us from create an original tour form

Create an original tour

If you give us tour condition(your request, tour date, number of people etc.), we will arrange a tour guide.

Tour guide will suggest you tour itinerary.

And you can make an original tour with tour guide.


September and October is high-season, so we recommend your early contact.


Private Tour in Otaru at Hokkaido

Do you know “Otaru city”?

Otaru is at Hokkaido, it is more cool than Tokyo and high temperatures will be less 30 degrees.

We have some tours in Otaru, especially we recommend this tour.

1 Day Private Tour in Otaru Including Some Japanese Culture Experiences


And itinerary is as follows:

1.Otaru Canal Cruise
2.IL PONTE (Glass-blowing)
3.Tsukushi Makita(Wagashi-making)
4.Tatsumi Sushi(sushi-making) or Hotel Furukawa(foot bath)
5.Tanaka Brewery(Japanese Sake Brewery)

You can enjoy Otaru city only this tour!

Mt.Fuji Viewing at Kawaguchiko Area

If you would like to see beautiful Mt.Fuji, we recommend to visit Kawaguchiko area.

It is near from Tokyo, you can go to there by high-way bus around 2 hours and 40 minutes  from Shinjyuku bus terminal.

At Kawaguchiko area, there are many sightseeing spots to see Mt.Fuji.

For example,

– Arakurayama Sengen Park
– Mt. Kachikachi Ropeway
– Oshino Hakkai
– Cruising at Lake Kawaguchi

-Mt. Fuji – to the 5th station


If you go to Kawaguchiko area with tour guide, we recommend this tour.

Exciting Mt. Fuji One Day Tour from Tokyo


If you go to Kawaguchiko area by yourself(meet with guide at Kawaguchiko station),  we recommend this tour.

The Great View of MtFuji


Of course, these tours are possible to customize the itinerary.

We think that it will get cooler in end of September, so we recommend since next month.


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