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We have updated images of blog TOP

We have updated TOP page. By changing images, we would like to communicate many attractive spots.

1)Kinkakuji temple(World Heritage): It is famous as the Golden Pavilion. Besides the pavilion, you can feel the old Japanese beauty of Zen Buddhism.

Tours including the Golden Pavilion is HERE

2)Enkakuji temple: There is at Kitakamakura, it is a place with good vibes.

Tours including Enkakuji temple is HERE

3)Senso-ji temple(Asakusa)

Tours including Asakusa is HERE


Find your Private Tour Guide

We specially teach you how to find your private tour guide form our website.

1.Find your private guide from their profile directly

See “Find Tours From Guides”

And search from “Highly Recommended Guide” or “Kanto” “Kansai”.

2. Find your private guide from private tour

From “Search Tours & Activities”, please input “when” and “where(select area)” and click 【GO!】. If you do not decide tour date, it is OK only “where”.

As tour lists are displayed, click the disturbing tour.

Tour guide name is showed on tour page and please confirm more guide info.

If you like tour guide, please book the tour.If you have any questions about tour, you can inquiry to the guide directly.

3.Request us

If you send us your requests, we would arrange your guide.

How to request, please send your information either format.

Contact us

Create an original tout

We would be delighted if we help to enjoy Japan.

We are looking forward to your action.


New Kamakura Half-Day Tour has been created by Our Guide Toru

Today, our new tour has been released.

It is private Kamakura half-day tour, and created by our professional guide Toru.

There are 3 must-see spots in this tour, you can enjoy 3 temples at Kamakura.

3 temples are as follows:

1.Great Buddha in Kotokuin Temple
2.Hase Temple
3.Hokokuji Temple

Great Buddha in Kotokuin Temple

Hase Temple

Bamboo groove at Hokokuji Temple

And tour detail is HERE

Popular Private Mount Fuji Tour from Tokyo

If you would like to view Mt.Fuji from Tokyo, we recommend this tour.

Exciting Mt. Fuji One Day Tour from Tokyo

You will visit three viewing spots in this tour.
1)Arakurayama Sengen Park
2)Mt. Kachikachi Ropeway or Cruising at Lake Kawaguchi
3)Oshino Hakkai

Mt.Fuji from Arakurayama Sengen Park

Also, highway bus from Shinjuku to Shinyoshida(Kawaguchiko area) about 90 minutes.

Basic itinerary is as follows:
8:00 Meet at your Hotel and move to Shinjuku by Subway.
8:55 Highway bus from Shinjuku to Shinyoshida about 90 minutes.

Climb up to Arakurayama Sengen Park. You can take a picture of Mt. Fuji with five-story pagoda. Please be noted that we have to climb up 398 stairs.

11:52 Train from Shimoyoshida to Lake Kawaguchi about 15 minutes.

Mt. Kachikachi Ropeway. At the height of 1,075 meters, you can see a panoramic view of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. Or enjoy Cruising at Lake Kawaguchi about 20 minutes.

15:00 Bus from Lake Kawaguchi to Oshino Hakkai about 25 minutes.

Strolling Oshino Hakkai. It’s a set of eight ponds with very pure snow melt water. You can take a picture of Mt.Fuji with traditional Japanese houses.

16:40 Highway bus from Oshino Hakkai to Shinjuku.
18:55 Arrive at Shinjuku and move back to your hotel.

The above is the basic itinerary.
As my tour is so flexible, we can change our destinations to the following places when we can’t see Mt. Fuji due to a bad weather.
– Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum. You can enjoy several kinds of mini concerts.
– Ichiku Kubota Art Museum. You can appreciate a beautiful Kimono and Japanese garden.
– Narusawa Ice Cave and Fugaku Wind Cave
– Oshino Ninja Village

We are looking forward to your booking.

Private Tour in Mt.Fuji Area

If you would like to view beautiful Mt.Fuji, we recommend to book our guide in Mt.Fuji area.

As you know, there are five lakes in Mt.Fuji area(it is called
“the Fuji Five Lakes”).

However, the places you can see beautiful
Mt.Fuji is Kawaguchiko area.

Kawaguchiko area is easily accessible from Tokyo(around 2 hours by using high-way bus), it is possible to return in a day.(Of course, it is better to stay at around Kawaguchiko lake.)

Also, popular visiting spots in Kawaguchiko area is below.

1)Kachi Kachi Yama Ropeway
On the lower eastern edge of Kawaguchiko lake, this ropeway runs to the Fuji Viewing Platform. The ropeway reaches the summit in three minutes and from this observation area (1,075 meters), there is a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.

2)Itchiku Kubota Art Museum
This museum exhibits the art of kimono by Itchiku Kubota. In an attractive Gaudi-influenced building, a small number of lavishly dyed kimonos from his life’s work of continuous landscapes are displayed. This Michelin-rated venue also holds a beautiful garden that you can explore.

3)Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen Shrine
The start point of the Yoshida Climbing Route to the summit of Mt.Fuji is located in the precinct of this shrine. This shrine is related to the Shinto animistic worship of volcanoes and circles the mountain for this reason. Feel its serene atmosphere, history and religious attributes.

4)Ide Sake Brewery
Using the spring waters from Mt.Fuji, this small-scale sake brewery has been producing excellent sake for over 150 years. It’s tours provide a fascinating insight into the production process and a souvenir glass.

Anyway, there is many highlights in Kawaguchiko area,if possible, we recommend to do the tour not half-day but full-day.

★Recommend Guides



New Year’s visit to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine at Kamakura

I paid my first visit of the year to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine at Kamakura.
Many of the Japanese visit a shrine on a New Year’s Day and consecutive 2 days, therefore, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine was empty.

I prayed for more growth of our service.

Year’s end greetings on Nippon PLUS

Thank you for using our website. 2018 is nearing an end.

Our service has been used by many travelers in this year.

We express our appreciation of everyone’s patronage.

We are planning new service next year. And we hope to announce new service.

We wish everyone good luck for the coming year.

Caution when you visit Nijo castle on New year holidays

NIjo castle

If you visit Nijo castle on New year holidays(January 1-3), you can not enter Ninomaru-Goten Palace of Nijo castle as it will be closed on this day. (The NIjo castle gardens will be open.)

Therefore, we recommend another place during this period.

Our private guide will suggest you alternative place.

Our tour that it will visit Nijo castle is Explore Kyoto Nijo Castle and Golden pavilion.

This tour will visit Golden pavilion(Kinkaku-ji temple) and Nijo castle, so our private guide suggest you another place instead of Nijo castle.

Visit Enkaku-ji Temple at Kamakura with Tour Guide

If you go to Kamakura, you should visit  not only Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine and the Great buddha but also Enkaku-ji temple.

Full-Day Kamakura Tour from Tokyo Including Engakuji Temple and Great Buddha

Itinerary is as follows:

1)Great Buddha of Kotokuin Temple designated as a national treasure
2)Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, the symbol of Kamakura
3)Komachi Street with a lot of shops and restaurants where you can enjoy lunch
4)Engakuji Temple with a beautiful Japanese garden where you would relax.


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