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Year’s end greetings on Nippon PLUS

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Thank you for using our website. 2018 is nearing an end. Our service has been used by many travelers in this year. We express our appreciation of everyone’s patronage. We are planning new serv…

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Caution when you visit Nijo castle on New year holidays

If you visit Nijo castle on New year holidays(January 1-3), you can not enter Ninomaru-Goten Palace of Nijo castle as it will be closed on this day. (The NIjo castle gardens will be open.) Therefore,…

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Visit Enkaku-ji Temple at Kamakura with Tour Guide

If you go to Kamakura, you should visit  not only Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine and the Great buddha but also Enkaku-ji temple. Full-Day Kamakura Tour from Tokyo Including Engakuji Temple and Great Bu…

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Private Tour in Tokyo For first-timers to Japan

If you visit to Japan for the first time, we recommend this private tour. Private 1 Day Tour in Tokyo Experiencing Japanese Traditional Culture This private tour will visit 4 popular spots in Tokyo. …

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Winter is the best season to visit Ueno Area!!

★Short days of winter are good for enjoying the breathtaking night view of Ueno Area like below!! Bentendo-do Temple on the Naka-no-jima islet on the Shinobazu Pond modeled on the Benzaiten Temple on…

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Private Mount Takao Tour Has been done

Private mount Takao tour has been done last Friday. From Shinjuku station Keio railway leads to Mt.Takao which is 599m high mountain, this area is one of the most popular spot for people live in Toky…

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Our Guide Will Come Back Soon

Our guide Kenshiro will come back from next February. He has many unique tours. Sumo stable watching, Wearing Kimono, Sake brewery observing and so on. Sumo stable watching is popular tour on Nippon …

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