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Recommend Private Tour in Tokyo

We would like to recommend 3 tours on Nippon PLUS. All tours are Japanese culture experiences and there are also experience-based activity. 1)Iaido Experience Tour to learn Samurai spirit near the Im…

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How to Book Tokyo Private Tour Guide

If you schedule a tour in Tokyo, please let us know. We have many tours and guides in Tokyo. If you do not decide to travel in Tokyo yet, we will only arrange the tour guide. How to book Tokyo privat…

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Private Tour in Otaru at Hokkaido

Do you know “Otaru city”? Otaru is at Hokkaido, it is more cool than Tokyo and high temperatures will be less 30 degrees. We have some tours in Otaru, especially we recommend this tour. 1…

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Mt.Fuji Viewing at Kawaguchiko Area

If you would like to see beautiful Mt.Fuji, we recommend to visit Kawaguchiko area. It is near from Tokyo, you can go to there by high-way bus around 2 hours and 40 minutes  from Shinjyuku bus termin…

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Tour Itinerary will be changed Including Tsukiji Inner Market

Tsukiji inner market will be relocated from Tsukiji to Toyosu on October 11th. Concomitantly, tour itinerary will be changed. Essence of Tokyo Half-Day Tour itinerary is normally as follows: 1. Tsuki…

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Mt. Fuji and Oshino Hakkai

I guided an American couple to Mt. Fuji and Oshino-Hakkai. Oshino-Hakkai is a set of eight springs in Oshino, a small village near Mt. Fuji. It was designated as one of the National Top 100 Spring Wa…

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New Private Mount Takao Hiking Tour from Tokyo on Nippon PLUS

New private tour has been created by Takao. It is first tour to visit Mt.Takao from Tokyo. Also, by chance, name of mountain and guide name is same “Takao”! Tour title is Private Mount Ta…

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Tokyo Private Tour with Subway

Do you know our private tour in Tokyo by subway? Our tours almost use public transportation, this tour visit to each attractions by subway. The tour title is One-Day Trip in Tokyo By Train. Also, in …

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Most Popular Private Kyoto Tour

Do you know most popular private Kyoto tour on Nippon PLUS? It is Explore Kyoto Nijo Castle and Golden pavilion This is a half-day tour(tour duration is around 4 hours), you can visit 2 places. As it…

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10 Best Guided Tokyo Tours on Nippon PLUS

We introduce 10 best guided Tokyo tours on our website. All tours on our site have a characteristic and visit many places, so you can choose a tour by your interests. Here we introduce a part of tour…

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