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Standard Course and Visiting Spots of Kamakura Private Tour

We introduce about Kamakura tour. If you visit to Kamakura first time, we recommend standard course. Standard course of Kamakura tour is as follows: Hase-dera temple Kotokiin temple(The great buddha)…

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Top30 Attractions in Japan by International Travelers 2018

Please find the article titled “Top30 Attractions in Japan by International Travelers 2018” by TripAdviser. http://tg.tripadvisor.jp/news/ranking/best-inbound-attractions/

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Private Tour Guide in Tokyo

Are you looking for tour guide in Tokyo? If so, please don’t hesitate to find our tour guides in Tokyo. Our guides have specialty field-genre(History, Shrines and temples, Japanese culture, etc…

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Tour Guide in Nara

Nara is very old and historical city. Also, near Kyoto and Osaka, it will take about one hour to Nara. There are many sights in Nara which you must see. For example, Great Buddha in Todaiji temple Ka…

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Tsukiji Fish Market Tour Guide

We have some guides who can guide Tsukiji fish market and there are many tours at Tsukiji. As you know, there are inner market and outer market in Tsukiji, inner market will be relocated this October…

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New Private Tour from Tokyo has been added

Today, new private tour has been added on Nippon PLUS. This tour is created by Mura-san, and Tour title is Mt. Nokogiri Hiking Tour from Tokyo-2nd place of Deep Spot Ranking What is Mt.Nokogiri ? Whe…

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Notice in Sumo stable when you observe the Sumo practice

If you observe Sumo practice, you must notice as follows: 1.Cell phones off. 2.Taking pictures OK with no flush, no standing/walking around. 3.No eating/smoking. 4.Taking off your hat/cap. 5.No priva…

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Tour Guide Matching

We provide matching service of foreign tourists and tour guide. In our website “Nippon PLUS” , for foreign tourists who can search a tour in Japan, we send tour guide’s information …

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Do you want to make Soba noodle?

Do you know the private tour that you can make Japanese “Soba”? This tour, you can enjoy Japanese Soba making at Tokyo Yanaka. Tour highlights are  below. 1.Tour of Soba buckwheat flour m…

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Onset of the rainy season in Kanto region

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Today, it has started the rainy season in Kanto region including Tokyo. I (webmaster of Nippon PLUS) live in Yokohama city, it is rainning from morning. Nobody likes the rainy season, however, we can…

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