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Inclusions and Exclusions in Private Tour

Do you know what is included and what is excluded in tour fee? Of course, it is different from tour, most tours are as follows: Inclusions ・Professional guide fee ・Hotel pick-up and drop-off  …

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Beautiful Cherry Blossoms at Ueno Park in Tokyo

Today, I went to Ueno as I have a thing to do. And after lunch, I viewed 2 trees of cherry blossom. Many foreign tourists were taking a photo in front of cherry blossoms.  Also, some people took self…

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Booking a private tour in April

Are you planning a day trip(private tour) in April? If that’s the case, we recommend to book a private tour early. Because April is peak season through the year. Also, it will be warm and you c…

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Tour Guide Self-Introduction

Have you read tour guide self-introduction? It is very interesting that it you can know guide’s career and life. We introduce some guide’s self-introduction. 1)Ironman 2)Yoshinori 3)Yuta …

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How to Use Mt.Fuji Private Tour

We will show you how to use Mt.Fuji private tour. If you stay in Tokyo and you would like to participate in Mt.Fuji tour, we recommend the following way. 1)You go to Kawaguchiko station by yourself a…

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New Private Tour Guide Mura-san joined us

A New Private Tour Guide debut on Nippon PLUS. His name is “Mura-san”, and “San” means “Mr.” or “”Ms.”” in Japanese. He lived in the following cities on business. …

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New Tour Guide in Tokyo joined us

Today, a new tour guide in Tokyo joined Nippon PLUS. Her name is Kumiko. And she is an expert of Shrine and temples. We introduce hers self-introduction. I had worked for US companies for many years …

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